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Introduction to Revisionist Thought

By Ernst Zündel




The Revisionist Claim:

Not a single document has been found with Hitler's signature ordering the extermination of the Jews."


It is a heartening development to have the Holocaust Promotion Lobby in general finally admit that there was, in fact, no Führer order ever to exterminate the Jews. Revisionists credit themselves for having secured this admission.

At the 1988 Zündel Trial, defense attorney Christie placed a transparency on an overhead projector, which stated:

Alleged Extermination of the Jews

No Order
No Plan
No Budget
No Weapon
(No expert report stating:
"This was a homicidal gas chamber")
No Body
(No autopsy stating: "This is or was the body of a person killed by poison gas.")

for this alleged mass extermination campaign!

That there existed such an order had been a much-repeated claim for decades, and many people still believe there was. Dr. Raul Hilberg - known as the "Pope of the Holocaust" for having authored "The Destruction of the European Jews," (often referred to as "The Holocaust Bible") a man who is widely regarded as the "#1 Expert" on Holocaust matters, has managed to bring his perception of the Holocaust a little more in accord with the facts, thanks to Revisionist influence, to wit:

  • In his 1961 edition of his book, "The Destruction of the European Jews," Dr. Hilberg wrote that there were two Hitler orders. (Hilberg, Raul, The Destruction of the European Jews, Quadrangel, Chicago, page 177)

  • At the 1985 trial of Ernst Zündel, Hilberg continued to insist that the orders existed, stating that he would not be correcting what he wrote in 1961 in his new, forthcoming edition. (Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zündel - 1988, Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, pp 851-852)

  • Shortly after his testimony, Hilberg then proceeded to delete all references to a Hitler Order in the body of his new edition, published in 1985. (Hilberg, Raul, "The Destruction of the European Jews," Holmes & Meyer, New York, 1985, p 402) in Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Ev idence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zündel - 1988, Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, pp 112-113)

  • In this new edition, the reference to a "Hitler Order" is buried in a footnote that now reads as follows:

    "Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus, mind-reading by a far-flung bureaucracy." (Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zündel - 1988, Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, pp 112-113)

"Did this include nods and winks?" asked Zündel defense attorney, Douglas Christie, in the 1988 Zundel Trial. Let's let the reader guess.

Did the Nazis whisper in each others ears how to exterminate millions and millions of Jews? Believable? Maybe so is the Easter bunny!

Even Holocaust historian Christopher Browning noted this as a major interpretational change in Hilberg's work, speaking of his colleague as "the Revised Hilberg." (The Revised Hilberg, Simon Wiesenthal Annual, Volume 3, 1986)

So now it is agreed by friend and foe alike except by those who still need to catch up there was no Führer order.

What is still left are two incendiary words: "Final Solution" - or, the German equivalent, "Endlösung."

Let's look at those.

It is true that the words "Endlösung" or "Final Solution" were used in reference to the Jews. So what? Does that prove anything? Does that mean "extermination"? Does a "Final Solution" to the unemployment problem mean the government is going to exterminate all the unemployed?

During the war, the phrase was used in Canada when dealing with the Japanese - and nobody claims today that Canada was planning genocidal things with reference to Orientals!

In a recent television documentary about Canada's wartime policy toward Canadians of Japanese origin, documents were unearthed that talked about "The Final Solution" to the "Japanese problem" - which was relocation, denaturalization and deportation of the Japanese from Canada to Japan. This was exactly what Germany's policies were towards the Jews - for almost the same reasons. The country was at war, and Jews were seen as subversive to the government and to the war effort - just as Japanese were seen as subversive to Canadian wartime policies.

Germany's policies were far less race-based and much more ideological in nature than Canada's. As a matter of fact and record, tens of thousands of Jews lived and worked in Germany during the war outside concentration camps, even in Hitler's capital, Berlin - one of them being the famous Rabbi and Zionist leader Leo Boeck, who was a practicing rabbi in 1943!

If you doubt that, check on the 1943 Berlin telephone book!


Introduction to Revisionist Thought
By Ernst Zündel



The Revisionist claim:

PART I - The Holocaust is useful postwar propaganda that started as a systematic, insidious campaign during World War II as one of the tactics employed by moneyed interests to rally the troops and engage the world, specifically America, in what turned out to be, essentially, a fratricidal war.

PART II - There is no proof that the Holocaust, as depicted by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby and the highly politicized Hollywood industry, actually occurred.

PART III - The numbers of "Holocaust" victims are irresponsibly exaggerated.

PART IV - Official state policy towards the Jews in the Third Reich was emigration, not extermination.

PART V - Not a single document has been found with Hitler's signature ordering the extermination of the Jews.

PART VI - Zyklon B was a fumigant. It wasn't a practical agent for mass murder.

PART VII - Zyklon B was highly toxic. This being so, it would have been foolish and counterproductive to endanger Third Reich personnel engaged in allegedly pulling bodies from the execution chambers shortly after they were "gassed."

PART VIII - American execution expert, Fred Leuchter, delivered a scientific break-through in proving that the so-called gas chambers at Auschwitz could not have been used for their alleged purpose."


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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